About Martin Smith

Martin Smith,was born in London in 1956. As a graduate mathematician he combined his passion for photography with a successful career in the financial services industry for many years. A decade ago he devoted himself to the art of photography.

Although Martin was originally inspired by some of the world’s great landscape photographers, he has developed a uniquely personal style of documentary photography. He has built up a diverse body of work as a result of extensive travels across five continents. In the course of these journeys he has photographed some of the world’s most famous locations but he also searches out the lesser-known places, their unique stories, their history, people and landscapes.

Today the reach of Martin’s portfolio is global and perhaps it is this, together with his passionate attention to detail and quality that make his work what it is.

As he says,“Every second that passes is history.That moment will not return. Everything changes. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly but nothing lasts forever.These are the factors that inspire me to create a particular image.Moments in time,captured forever.All of my pictures represent a precious memory and the joy of photography lies in being able to share these unique images with others” 

Martin Smith